About Julie Forrest





I was raised in Lucan, Ontario Canada. I started riding horses at the age ofthree and began competing at age seven. Animals were always a very big part of my life. I grew up believing my horse was my best friend and that some day I would be able to heal him with my own hands.

Julie Forrest lives in Credition, Ontario with her spouse Ed DeWetering and daughter, Emily. On our farm we have 12 horses that we use to compete in the International Pro Rodeo Association, Ontario Rodeo Association and Quebec Rodeo Association and other associations as time would allow us to. We are also proud supporters of the Ontario High School Association which my daughter Emily Forrest, was three time All-Round Champion. We compete in Ladies Barrels, Steer wrestling, team roping,and breakaway roping. We also raise organic Texas Long horn cattle that we supply as the stock contractor for Rawhide Rodeos and Wildtime Productions We also sell the organic meat which has no drugs, no implants or no growth hormones in it. We supply a place for everyone to learn and practise the different events of rodeo. We also have four dogs, two blue heelers and two kelpies, which are very big family members that we also use as working dogs when we do Cattle Retrieval for other people.

I am an Animal Communicator, Usui Reiki Master/Practitioner, Karuna Reiki Master/ Practitioner, EMF Balancing Technique Advanced Practitioner and a Light Weaver. I teach horseback riding lessons for the Western discipline and train horses.

A true love of my life has been my best friend, “Aceaway Champ.” Ace was a quarter horse gelding I received as a birthday present when he was a three year old. Ace passed away at the age of 32. He has brought me many lessons in life and fulfillment of who I have become.

When pet owners call with a problem that requires communicating and /or Reiki animals are very open to this and when the two are combined the results can be amazing. I talk telepathically to the animals. I have talked to horses, dogs, cats, cows, pigs, ferrets, rats and birds. When combining a person with their animal it can be very rewarding and you gain a better understanding of each other, your relationship as individuals and as a whole. I communicate with animals either in person or through distance. When training horses it helps with the training to go much faster and with more understanding, because when I talk to them, I can explain to them what is expected of them. In training our own horses for Steer Wrestling or Calf Roping has brought our relationships so much closer and very effective to work as a team for they know and understand what is expected of them. Then as a team we work together to do what is comfortable for everyone involved. The same thing goes for animals with behavioural problems or other habits that annoy you.

They usually have something to convey to you, whether it is a message or just to explain why they are doing it and possible ways to correct the problem. I do telephone or distance sessions across Canada and the USA. When I am finished I can fax or e-mail the conversation back to the owner.

I treat each of my client’s people and animals with love, compassion and confidentiality.

I teach all levels of Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki. I also do Animal Workshops to help people better understand the animal world and their pets. There is so much we take for granted with our pets and having a better understanding of them helps with our relationship, their behaviour and their presence in our lives.