Animal Communication

Our animals have personalities and problems too.
They are a big part of our lives and deserve the right to express themselves in their own individual ways

I communicate with animals on a telepathic level. They talk the same as you and I can explain what their problems are, or may just simply have something to say to you. They hold the key to many more things then we could ever imagine or give them credit for.

If you are having problems with your animals or just would like to hear what they have to say, give this a try. I can help Bridge the Gap between you and your animals, large or small.

I talk to animals telepathically. They carry conversations the same as you and I do. When talking to animals I first must have the owners’ permission, and then I ask the animal for their permission. The people of the animal /pet may have concerns about their companion or questions they would like to ask them. Some people are connected very much to their animal and think they are trying to tell them something and they would like to know what that might be.

Most pet owners are already very connected to their companion. They are a very big part of our lives. I have talked to horses, dogs, cats, goats, cows, pigs, ferrets, rats and other different animals.

When I communicate with animals I have the owner write down the questions they would like to ask them. I write down the entire conversation so that the owner has the full conversation recorded. Some of the questions that can be asked are; Are you happy? Are you in pain anywhere? Why do you do that annoying habit? What can we do to stop that? Is your equipment okay? The list of questions can be endless and will be personal or each animal. The conversations with the pets are confidential and I place no judgement on the animal or the owners. The animal in return will answer the questions and tell us exactly what they think. Animals do not lie and they know themselves better then we know ourselves. Many people are already connected to their pets, whether it
is on a physical level or an emotional level. Most owners know what their pets are thinking to some degree and know when their pets are not feeling well. By doing the communicating with them just takes it one step further. It is not uncommon to know that your pet is trying to tell you something, because they probably are. Animals show our truths and sometimes that is very hard for us to digest. Animals with behavioural problems usually have something to convey to the owner. It can be a problem on any level such as physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Animals can have the same symptoms of any problem that the ones that are close to them may also carry. Such as depression, low self-esteem, hyper activity, infections and so on. When I talk to the
animals they can tell us what may possibly be causing the problem and possible ways to come up with a solution.

Animals can be a young spirit or an older spirit. I personally do not believe there are any stupid animals, other then what the owner makes of them, or they could just be less worldly then others. If for example you have a dog that does not respond to the name you have given it. It does not mean it is stupid it could just be that it does not recognize the energy that is associated with that name. It obviously has another name that it already would like to be associated with. This applies to many different kind of animals. Horses are another big category for this to happen. Because horses can have so many different
owners, different trainers, different equipment and different experiences on all levels, they usually are the ones that very much benefit from communicating. Their names can be changed from every owner and some find that hard to fully respond to.

The animals that we pull into our lives are connected to us through energy. As much as we would like to think we pick our pets, is quite the contrary. They pick us! The type of energy we give off is the type of energy our pets are attracted too. A few examples of this are; when you go to pick out a puppy or kitten from a litter and you say the one
that comes to us is the one we will take. That is because they are attracted to your energy. If you are buying or selling a horse, I am sure anyone in the industry can say they either tried one that was nasty or one that was good as gold. If it was nasty to one person, but may not have been to another, it is because of the person's energy that they are attracted to. Animals have agendas that they need to follow in this lifetime as well. They have lessons to teach us on all levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Our pets and animals in our lives are usually apart of our families. Whether they are our companions, our eyes, our protectors or our living. Each and every one of them has something to share with us. The information passed on from our animals can be very useful in gaining a better understanding and relationship.

The subject that no one likes to deal with is death. Sometimes we fight with ourselves as to when is the right time to end their lives. By communicating with your pet, they can tell us if and when the time may be right. Death to animals is a part of life. Their physical body is merely a vehicle for transportation.

I can talk to animals in my own home, their home or through distance. When talking telepathically, it is the connection from one mind to the other mind on the same frequency level. All I require is a complete description or picture of the animal and the exact address where the animal is located. From there I connect to them or their
higher-self and the session begins. All conversations are sent back to the owner either by mail, e-mail or fax. I always go over the conversation with the owner to make sure everything is clarified for all to understand. This is the purpose of communicating with the animals so that we may better understand them and to build on our relationships.

Never under estimate the power and abilities that our animals have. They are what we expect of them and have so much to teach us. Some animals are very wise to the world and some have very powerful personal messages that they would like to share with us. It takes different lengths of time for each conversation. Some animals have a lot to share therefore their conversations could take longer. The average conversation is approximately forty-five minutes to an hour, however some conversations can go up to two to three hours depending on the circumstances.

I do two-day workshops to provide animal owners with the intent of gaining a better understanding and relationship with their pets. It is filled with a lot of information on all levels of the animals. It also gives those around you a nice network to be around people that love their pets as much as you do.

Here are some examples of different conversations I have had with different animals. All of the messages can be personal for each individual or they can be shared with everyone. It is the person’s own choice if they wish to share their conversation with others.

CAESAR (3 year old dog) Too many beings allow life to go so fast by, that ample time is not given for gratitude and thankfulness of those around us, and with what we have been blessed with. On all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. For if we did not have a belief system then it would be hard to follow a daily routine of what we would believe to be right as individuals. Even though, that of which we do not like sometimes, is a necessity of where our lives have to lead us in a road in the direction of our fate. Fate can be a decision of which we can make for ourselves or have allowed others to make for us; all in which routine, combined with daily knowledge allows us to expand.

SUGAR (23 year old Shetland pony) To cause conflict is merely a lesson to enhance your own being and you will be stronger for that.

BOSS (10 year old white Shepard) To relive or act out the past with no changes will not allow her to keep moving in a forward motion. Choices are that which an individual has the abilities to make for themselves. To allow others or allow others to place their directions for an individual only shortens their own stride.

ILLSA (11 year old Shepard dog) Happiness is another luxury in life that we have the capability to make ourselves. If we are to wait around for someone to make us happy than it will not happen. If we walk into our souls next step with the intention of making ourselves happy than the gratitude will be endless.

MAGNUS (Russian Warmblood Horse) We all can put demands or so called expectations on life and be disappointed when they are not reached or met. If you do not place any, then there is no room for disappointment. I like having the ability to make people respect my space.

GODFREY (Thoroughbred Jumper) Success depends on how badly they want it; how much they want to work towards it, and if they want success for themselves or as a team. Most of us four-legged beings will do anything for our persons. We too, like to have the recognition of being part of the team. Remember, without us, humans would look silly trying to jump over the jumps without us.

Because we live in a barn does not mean we are not filled with intelligence. We remember every aspect of our lives, as do you. Because we can tune into peoples’ thoughts, we know what they are really thinking and feeling.